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Homicide Statistics New Orleans, Louisiana

With a murder rate of 36.8 per 100,000 residents New Orleans takes second place to Baltimore with 29 homicide cases in total and at number three is Birmingham which has seen 28 deaths from violence so far this year
The statistics show that while some cities are becoming safer than others there’s still more work left ahead before we can say safety reigns supreme across The U S.

Violence in America

The United States is a deeply violent country, with schools and universities battlegrounds for the ongoing war on youth. There have been 27 shooting incidents so far in 2018 alone! To put this into perspective: there are three mass shootings every other day–that’s how steeply things continue here? When will it end?? Do you think it will get much worse in the near future? With inflation and extreme depression in America, we are finding that a good percentage of American’s are just giving up! This will cause total chaos and this is where the violence will take place.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence affects more than 10 million men and women in the U.S., with an estimated one out of three victims being male. The impact it has on these people is felt far-and not just within their own homes:
batters are often denied access to transportation, employment opportunities or educational advancement because they’re perceived as “threatening” by coworkers; spouses may be removed from joint accounts leading them into financial ruin if he isn’t afford basic needs such money for food & shelter until trial occurs. This unfortunately can lead to more serious problems like starvation, suicide, drug addiction, and severe depression.

New Orleans Cold Cases

The Cold Case Squad needs your help to solve these 2000 cases. You may know something that will confidential, and it’s important for us not only get the right person but also do so quickly – before someone else gets hurt.

Homicide Statistics New Orleans, Louisiana